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(В коментарите за NetBSD 2.0:)

A: We're announcing support for OSS on NetBSD 2.0 on the x86 platform. You can get the free-for-personal-use version of OSS at http://www.opensound.com/download.cgi

B: Sorry to turn your commercial into a conversation, but I'm curious why you'd target NetBSD as an OS to sell towards. It seems like an amazingly small market to target, especially with something that doesn't seem like it would be portable to other platforms (such as a sound system..). So, what gives? Why target highly specific code towards a very rarely used OS?

A: Glad you asked....yes NetBSD is a miniscule market for us. But supporting NetBSD is no more difficult than supporting OpenBSD or FreeBSD or DragonFly. The nice thing about BSD is that there is a kernel API and things rarely change (unlike Linux which keeps changing with each point revision). For us, it's a matter of engineering pride like it's for the NetBSD guys - we want to see how many different UNIX versions can be supported off a single code base - just like how many different CPU versions can be supported off a single code base for NetBSD. We have a "build it and they will come" attitude at 4Front.